Cast of The Goon Show

The original four main members of The Goon Show were Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine. However, Bentine left the group after the second series to pursue his individual career. The muscians and announcers who appeared in each episode were also frequenetly called upon to join in the fun.

Main Performers

Spike MilliganSpike Milligan

Writer and performer in the show. A comic genius, widely considered to be "the grandfather of modern British comedy".

Harry SecombeHarry Secombe

Played the lead character Ned Seagoon. An accomplished singer and popular performer throughout his carreer.

Peter SellersPeter Sellers

Played a large number Goon characters. Went on to become an internationally acclaimed comic actor.

Michael BentineMichael Bentine

A founder member of the Goon Show, left after the second series before it reached its peak.


Andrew TimothyAndrew Timothy

Andrew Timothy was the original announcer, (1951-1953). He also announced "The Last Goon Show of them All" in 1972.

Wallace GreensladeWallace Greenslade

The second announcer (1953 - 1960) most associated with the show.


Max GeldrayMax Geldray

Harmonica player. Played one of the musical breaks in each episode.

Ray Ellington QuartetRay Ellington

The quartet played the second musical break in each show.

Wally Stott & OrchestraWally Stott

The house band. Played the title tune and musical links.

Other Cast Members

Special Guests

Occasionally the Goons would have special guests to add new characters or fill in if one of the main cast members was unable to attend a recording. Guests included John Snagge, Valentine Dyall, Graham Stark, George Chisholm, Charlotte Mitchell, Jack Train, Dennis Price, Bernard Miles, Cecile Chevreau, A.E. Matthews, Kenneth Connor, Dick Emery and original Goon Show announcer Andrew Timothy.


Spike Milligan was the main writer, but he was sometimes assisted by Larry Stephens, Eric Sykes, Maurice Wiltshire or John Antrobus.


Many producers were involved over the 10 series of the show. These include Dennis Main Wilson, Peter Eton, Pat Dixon, John Browell and Charles Chilton. Other occasional producers were Leslie Bridgmont, Jaques Brown, Roy Speer and Tom Ronald.

For more specific information, the full cast details of every episode can be found in the episode details.