Characters from The Goon Show

The Goon Show contained a very large number of characters. With only 3 main cast members, not only did each of them take on multiple roles, but the musicians and announcer were also often to be found in it - right in it!

The lead role of Neddie Seagoon was played by Harry Secombe, meaning that the other main characters often developed into loose double acts that could be played by Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers. These include Henry and Minnie, Grytpye-Thynne and Moriarty or Bluebottle and Eccles.

Main Characters

Ned Seagoon

Played by Harry Secombe

An honest but gullible idiot, around whom the plot revolves. The patriotic Neddie is always willing to lay down his life for his country. He is often unemployed, some episodes begining with him accepting a new job which leads him into to trouble. Many jokes are made about his short yet rounded appearance.

Catchphrases include "Hello folks", "Needle nardle noo", "What,what,what,what,what" and "I don't wish to know that".

Major Dennis Bloodnok

Played by Peter Sellers

A corrupt military cad, pervert and idiot. Seagoon's former commanding officer who suffers terrible flatulence. Bloodnok is a total coward who will betray anyone or anything for money.

Catchphrases include "Nurse the screens!" and "It was hell in there".


Played by Peter Sellers

A young, lustful boy scout with a squeaky voice who normally gets blown up in each episode. He is often a companion of Eccles and is willing to help anyone for sweets, although he frequently fails. Bluebottle is noted for using tools or weapons made from cardboard and string. He often reads his stage directions out loud and is always greeted with a deliberate round of applause from the audience. The character is based on real scout master with a squeaky voice.

Catchphrases include "Enter Bluebottle, waits for applause...Not a sausage", "You rotten swine, you deaded me" and "I don't like this game".


Played by Spike Milligan

The Famous Eccles, complete and utter idiot. An amiable, well-meaning man with no wits or understanding. When people tell him to shut up, he frequently joins in and often goes on telling himself to shut up long after everyone else has given up. Eccles often finds himself helping Ned Seagoon alongside Bluebottle. His idiotic logic is considered to epitomize Goon humour.

Catchphrases include "Hello der", "Fine, fine, fine", "I'm the famous Eccles" and "Shut up Eccles".

Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

Played by Peter Sellers

A sleazy, well-educated and scheming cad. He generally collaborates with Count Moriarty to swindle Ned Seagoon.

Catchphrases include "You silly twisted boy" and "Have a gorilla".

Count Jim Moriarty

Played by Spike Milligan

Unscrupulous member of the French aristocracy who turned to crime to support his lifestyle. As The Goon Show developed, Moriarty decended from a ined criminal mastermind into a snivelling sidekick to Grytpype-Thynne. He is often found scavenging in dustbins looking for food and uttering meaningless foreign-sounding curses.

Catchphrases include "Oooowwwww" and "Sapristi nabolis".

Henry Crun

Played by Peter Sellers

An elderly idiot inventor and partner of Minnie Bannister. Rather decrepit and forgetful, he often struggles to keep pace with the action around him.

Catchphrases include "You can't get the wood you know".

Minnie Bannister

Played by Spike Milligan

A feeble old spinster with an interesting past. Minnie enjoys modern-type music and is as flirtatious as a girl a third her age.

Catchphrases include "Henrrryyyyy" and "We'll all be murdered in our beds!".

Other Characters


Played by Peter Sellers

A very camp and effeminate man, usually some type of official.


Played by Ray Ellington

Usually a secretary/personal assistant whose gender was questionable.

Jim Spriggs

Played by Spike Milligan

Sometimes repeats his lines in falsetto song for no apparent reason. Calls everybody "Jim".


Played by Peter Sellers

A fast talking showbiz agent, always trying to promote his terrible acts. Based upon Lew Grade, an influential Jewish showbusiness impresario and television executive.

Little Jim

Played by Spike Milligan

A timid child with the single line, "He's fallen in the water".


Played by Peter Sellers or Spike Milligan

Terrible Scottish poet who summarizes the plot in an overstated manner. Inspired by the 19th century poet William McGonagall.

Miss Throat

Played by Spike Milligan

Anything but a woman, with a very gravelly voice and the single line "Right mate".

Various Tribal Chiefs

Played by Ray Ellington

Being the only black cast member, Ellington often played angry native chiefs. This was a time before political correctness!

Willium Cobblers (or 'Mate')

Played by Peter Sellers

A working-class cockney idiot with a jobs-worth attitude. ers to everyone as "mate".