Goon Show Scripts

This section contains all Goon Show scripts currently available. They form a record of the classic radio comedy created by Spike Milligan and the other writers of The Goon Show.

Each script has been transcribed from a recording of the actual broadcast rather than a mere reproduction of the original script. They contain what is actually heard in the shows including ad libs, gaffes and so on.

ScriptsScript Listed by Series

All scripts listed by series allowing you to browse episodes in the order that they were performed.

ScriptsScripts Listed Alphabetically

All scripts listed alphabetically allowing you to browse for a specific episode name.


All transcripts have been transcribed by a small but hardworking group of goon fans across the world. These are constantly being updated and can be found at The GSD Forum. Those listed here are currently being reviewed to confirm their accuracy. Until this process is completed some scripts may not be perfect.

You can also see an original script in the collectables section.