Goon Song - A Russian Love Song

Written by Milligan/Stephens. Performed by The Goons (1957).

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There were two Russian lovers
Walking hand in hand on the banks of a river
in a snow covered land.
A boy and a girl with starlight in their eyes
They kiss and caress as he tenderly sighs

Oh! Oh! Oh! Comrades! All right comrade that's enough!
We meet each night by the silvery light of that
dear old fashioned Russian satellite moon
It shines so bright -- turns Americans white
at the sight of our dear old Russian satellite moon

And over here in England I saw it at my flat
I ran into the cellar and I put on my old ARP hat

Don't be silly!
Tovarisch! Just dance with joy, while we are all still alive
by the light of our glorious Russian satellite moon


Look up in the skies -- I can't believe my eyes!
It's that dear old fashioned Russian satellite moon!

What, what, where?
Hand me my gun -- we're going to have some fun
<bang> Oh I missed that naught Russian satellite moon

I'll have to run you in there for a very legal reason
Shooting at Russian moons when they are out of season

Stand aside -- my reply to that is this rocket driven hat
England's answer to that Russian satellite moon

The President. Gentleman the President of the har-har-har of
the har-har-har
There is a Russian satellite moon of Arkansas, Mr President
Thank heaven it is not over America
Don't worry, we are prepared for this
Mr Presley: let 'em have it!

Now listen here! I'll make it clear just what we intend to do
I'm gonna rock around that Russian satellite moon
I'm gonna rock around that Russian satellite moon
<something I can't make out>
<fades, to replaced by a Russian>

That's right, comrade Elvis
Go on, shake your hips while we listen to the blips
Of our glorious Russian satellite moon.

<Various strange words getting faster until the Russian