Other Goon Memorabilia

This section contains miscellaneous goon related collectables that do not fall into the other categories...

Programme for The Last Goon Show of All

The printed programme given to the audience at 'The Last Goon Show of All', performed in 1972. Contains a great illustration of the characters.

Ray Ellington Flyer

A small flyer for the Trocadero at Elephant and Castle in 1954. Listing Ray Ellington as "Direct From The Goon Show".

Extract from 'Goon Away'

A piece from the Harry Secombe book which describes the Goon Show.

Decca Records Listing Cover

Front Cover of the Decca records listing from November 1956. 

Ray Ellington Dance Ticket

A ticket from 1963 listing Ray Ellington as the main act. Although it makes no erence to The Goons, it is special because the back is signed by Ray Ellington".

The Telegoons Comic Strip

Three years after The Goon Show finished, the spin off TV puppet show 'The Telegoons' inspired a childrens comic strip. Here are a few examples.
[View comic strip 2]

Record Flyer for 'My September Love'

A black and white printed flyer advertising the record 'My September Love', featuring the famous Eccles and Count Jim Moriarty.