Goon Song - I Love You

Written by Spike Milligan. Performed by The Goons (1957).

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NOTE: This song was a reference to Wyatt Earp, famous Western sherrif who was much lampooned in the 1950's.

Chorus Singers:
Wirey Twerp, Wirey Twerp -- long may his memories remain
Tall in the saddle and low in the ground
That was old Wirey Twerp

(to horse) Whoa, whoa there, whoa!
Well folks -- I'm a aiming to sing

(sings) I love you
Honest I do
I love your brother
Your dear old sister Sue (come in)
I love your pa
And you dear cousin Lou
But most of all, my darling
I love your brother

Chorus Singers:
He loves you
Honest he do
He loves your brother
Your dear old Sister, Flo

I love your pa (your pa)
And your dear Cousin Lou (Lou)
But most of all [burp], my darling
I (He) loves your brother

I do love you
I do -- I dearest do (hiccup)