Goon Song - Bloodnok's Rock'n'Roll Call

Written by Carbone. Performed by The Goons (1956).

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Company shun! Shoulder High!! By the right, number!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Nine, ten, eleven, tweleve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Nine, ten, eleven, tweleve, thirteen, fourteen, <bang>

You've got to rock and roll in a roll call way
You've got to march with a Marilyn Monroe sway
You've got to rock and roll with your old kit bag
But you musn't ever mention her name in the mess
And if you want to know the title of this number
It is a Major Dennis Bloodnok Rock'n'Roll Call rhumba

Left, left, left, right left
Quick, slow, quick, quick, slow
In, out, in, in, out
Pick up your gun, shove a bullet up the spout
It's the dance they do from Madras to Pango-Pango
It is a Major Dennis Bloodnok Rock'n'Roll Call Tango

Coy, dum diddle, blow de how
Bombay didde bowl of char
Um diddle

Minnie: Stop! Stop! Stop that sinful naughty record-type music
Stop it I say! Oh! Stop it you fool. Stop it!

Bloodnok: Oh! Foddle me puckies and cril me topie
Why do my beady old eyes deceive me, or is it?
No, no -- it can't be. But yes! It is!
It's me old child hood sweetheart Spotty Minnie
Bannister-- the darling of Roper's Light Horse

Bless my soul, what are you doing here?
Nothing catching I hope
Minnie: I just came to put my bag full of money in the bank
Bloodnok: Money! Money! Oh!!! Neddie, take Miss Bannister
in a steaming love dance while I check her properties
One, two, three, four

Secombe: Gents to the left, ladies to the right.
All join hands -- panic

<some nonsense>

Bloodnok: Bravado, bravado. What a voice! (What a bank balance!)
I beg you, you gorgeous wanton. Give me some small token of your love and I will sing you a known miltary melody.

Music, maestro Plonk

(Right mate)
You've got to rock'n'roll in a monetary manner
If you want to earn a necessary tanner
Take your pick while the picking's good
If you don't pick right, things will never get better
When I hear the chink of money that is good news
It drives away the Bloodnok Rock'n'Roll call blues

So let there be, always some cash for me
That will be mine, all mine!

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