Alphabetical List of Goon Show Episodes

Here is a list of Goon Show episodes in alphabetical order. Most shows from series 1 and 2 are not included because they were not given titles. Some titles appear more than once where episodes were re-performed.


(Series Number / Episode Number) in brackets
Vintage = Vintage Goons Series, Special = Special Episode

£1,000,000 Penny, The (9/3)
£50 Cure, The (9/17)
Affair of the Lone Banana, The (5/5)
Africa Ship Canal, The (7/22)
African Incident (8/14)
Albert Memorial, The (Vintage/14)
Archers, The (3/6)
Archie in Goonland (4/Special)
Ascent of Mount Everest, The (3/24)
Battle of Spion Kop, The (9/9)
Booted Gorilla (found?), The (5/10)
British Way of Life, The (3/10)
British Way, The (4/12)
Building of Britain's First Atomic Cannon, The (4/4)
Building of the Suez Canal, The (3/21)
Burning Embassy, The (8/3)
Call of the West, The (9/12)
Canal, The (5/6)
Case of the Missing CD Plates, The (6/5)
Case of the Missing Heir, The (5/16)
Case of the Vanishing Room, The (4/21)
Childe Harolde Rewarde, The (9/6)
China Story (5/17)
China Story (6/Special)
Chinese Legs, The (10/3)
Choking Horror, The (6/22)
Christmas Carol, The (10/1)
Cinderella (1/Special)
Collapse of the British Railway Sandwich System, The (4/24)
Conquest of Space, The (3/23)
Coronation edition (3/Special)
Curse of Frankenstein, The (8/18)
De Goonlies, The (3/22)
Dishonoured - Again (9/13)
Dishonoured, or The Fall of Neddie Seagoon (5/12)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Crun (4/16)
Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea), The (5/3)
Dreaded Piano Clubber, The (4/1)
Dreaded Piano Clubber, The (Vintage/12)
Drums Along the Mersey (7/2)
Egg of the Great Auk, The (3/2)
Emperor of the Universe (7/14)
End, The (5/26)
Evils of Bushey Spon, The (8/25)
Expedition for Toothpaste, The (3/5)
Fear of Wages, The (6/25)
Fireball of Milton Street, The (5/22)
First Albert Memorial to the Moon, The (4/7)
Flea, The (7/12)
Flint of the Flying Squad (3/12)
Flying Saucer Mystery, The (4/10)
Foiled by President Fred (6/7)
Forog (5/13)
Fred of the Islands (3/1)
Ghastly Experiments of Dr. Hans Eidelburger, The (4/3)
Giant Bombardon, The (4/13)
Giant Bombardon, The (Vintage/4)
Gibraltar Story, The (4/5)
Gold Plate Robbery, The (9/16)
Goons Hit Wales, The (6/Special)
Great Bank of England Robbery, The (4/29)
Great Bank of England Robbery, The (Vintage/11)
Great Bank Robbery, The (7/7)
Great British Revolution, The (8/12)
Great Ink Drought of 1902, The (4/22)
Great Regents Park Swim, The (8/4)
Great Statue Debate, The (8/26)
Great Tuscan Salami Scandal, The (6/23)
Greatest Mountain in the World, The (4/23)
Greatest Mountain in the World, The (Vintage/2)
Greenslade Story, The (6/14)
Hastings Flyer - Robbed, The (6/15)
Her (2/8)
Histories of Pliny the Elder, The (7/25)
History of Communications, The (4/18)
House of Teeth, The (6/20)
I Was a Male Fan Dancer (3/3)
I Was Monty's Treble (9/2)
Ill Met by Goonlight (7/23)
Ink Shortage, The (Vintage/7)
Insurance, the White Man's Burden (7/21)
Internal Mountain, The (Vintage/9)
International Christmas Pudding, The (6/9)
Invisible Acrobat, The (4/28)
Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI, The (6/19)
Junk Affair, The (8/2)
King Solomon's Mines (8/10)
Kippered Herring Gang, The (4/19)
Kippered Herring Gang, The (Vintage/5)
Last Goon Show of All, The (Specials/Special)
Last Smoking Seagoon, The (10/6)
Last Tram (from Clapham), The (5/9)
Lost Emperor, The (6/3)
Lost Gold Mine (of Charlotte), The (5/2)
Lost Year, The (6/13)
Lurgi Strikes Britain (5/7)
MacReekie Rising of '74, The (7/4)
Man Who Never Was, The (3/20)
Man Who Never Was, The (6/27)
Man Who Never Was, The (8/21)
Man Who Tried to Destroy London's Monuments, The (4/2)
Man Who Won the War, The (6/1)
Mighty Wurlitzer, The (6/16)
Missing Battleship, The (8/8)
Missing Boa Constrictor, The (7/24)
Missing Bureaucrat, The (4/8)
Missing Christmas Parcel - Post Early for Christmas, The (6/Special)
Missing Prime Minister, The (4/15)
Missing Scroll, The (5/19)
Missing Ten Downing Street, The (Vintage/3)
Moon Show, The (7/18)
Moriarty Murder Mystery, The (8/17)
Mountain Eaters, The (9/5)
Mummified Priest, The (4/17)
Mummified Priest, The (Vintage/1)
Mustard and Cress Shortage, The (Vintage/8)
Mysterious Punch-up-the-Conker, The (7/19)
Mystery of the Cow on the Hill, The (3/18)
Mystery of the Fake Neddie Seagoons, The (7/9)
Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Solved), The (5/8)
Mystery of the Monkey's Paw, The (3/17)
Nadger Plague, The (7/3)
Napoleon's Piano (6/4)
Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis, The (7/1)
Navy, Army, and Air Force, The (3/9)
Ned's Atomic Dustbin (9/10)
Nineteen-Eighty-Five (5/15)
Nineteen-Eighty-Five (5/20)
Operation Bagpipes (4/9)
Operation Christmas Duff (7/Special)
Pam's Paper Insurance Policy, The (9/4)
Personal Narrative (7/8)
Pevensey Bay Disaster, The (6/10)
Phantom Head Shaver (of Brighton), The (5/4)
Plasticine Man, The (8/13)
Policy, The (8/9)
Queen Anne's Rain (9/8)
Raid of the International Christmas Pudding, The (6/17)
Reason Why, The (7/Special)
Red Fort, The (8/7)
Rent Collectors, The (7/16)
Robin Hood (3/7)
Robin Hood (7/Special)
Robin's Post (10/4)
Rommel's Treasure (6/6)
Round the World in Eighty Days (7/20)
Saga of HMS Aldgate, The (3/4)
Saga of the Internal Mountain, The (4/27)
Sahara Desert Statue, The (9/1)
Sale of Manhattan, The (6/11)
Scarlet Capsule, The (9/14)
Scradje (6/26)
Seagoon Memoirs, The (9/7)
Search for the Bearded Vulture, The (3/16)
Seaside Resorts in Winter (3/13)
Secret Escritoire, The (6/2)
Shangri-La Again (6/8)
Shifting Sands (7/17)
Short insert in 'Christmas Crackers' (4/Special)
Siege of Fort Knight, The (4/30)
Siege of Fort Night, The (Vintage/13)
Silent Bugler, The (4/25)
Silent Bugler, The (Vintage/10)
Silver Dubloons, The (10/5)
Sinking of Westminster Pier, The (5/21)
Six Charlies in Search of an Author (7/13)
Six Ingots of Leadenhall Street, The (5/23)
Sleeping Prince, The (7/6)
Space Age, The (8/6)
Spanish Armada, The (4/11)
Spanish Suitcase, The (5/11)
Spectre of Tintagel, The (7/5)
Spon (8/1)
Spon Plague, The (8/23)
Starlings, The (4/Special)
Stolen Postman, The (8/11)
Story of Civilization, The (3/15)
Story of the Plymouth Hoe Armada, The (3/25)
String Robberies, The (8/16)
Survey of Britain, A (3/11)
Tale of Men's Shirts, The (10/2)
Tales of Montmartre (6/18)
Tales of Old Dartmoor (6/21)
Tay Bridge, The (9/15)
Telephone, The (7/11)
Ten Snowballs that Shook the World (8/20)
Ten Thousand Fathoms Down in a Wardrobe (4/14)
Terrible Revenge of Fred Fu-Manchu, The (6/12)
Thing on the Mountain, The (8/15)
Through the Sound Barrier in an Airing Cupboard (4/6)
Tiddleywinks (8/24)
Toothpaste Expedition, The (4/20)
Tragedy of Oxley Tower, The (3/14)
Treasure in the Lake, The (6/24)
Treasure in the Tower, The (8/5)
Under Two Floorboards - A Story of the Legion (5/18)
Vanishing Room, The (Vintage/6)
Western Story (4/26)
What's My Line? (7/10)
Where Do Socks Come From? (3/19)
Where Does Santa Claus Go in the Summer? (3/8)
Whistling Spy Enigma, The (5/1)
White Box of Great Bardfield, The (5/25)
White Neddie Trade, The (8/19)
Who Is Pink Oboe? (9/11)
Wings Over Dagenham (7/15)
World War One (8/22)
Ye Bandit of Sherwood Forest (5/14)
Yehti (5/24)